Hi, good to see you here! I’m Suzanne, born in 1984 in Amsterdam and ever since I’ve been interested in photography. The world of photography to me is a world in which I can let all my creativity flow and be me. I keep on learning every day, love looking for limits and I’m always up for that special assignment. Everyone who needs professional imagery for any reason has come to the right place. I believe that everyone is unique so your photos should be too! The process from intake-meeting to the actual delivery of the photos is something that excites me all along the way and the challenge is there every time.

I once read an article stating that if you want to become a professional photographer you should specialize in a certain field. I didn’t agree then and I still don’t. I’ve been involved in many kinds of photography and I love doing it all. I always challenge myself to step out of the box and break the rules when I can, resulting in unique photographs. I invite you to have a look at my very divers portfolio and special projects I’ve been working on!


"We at Bulelani Smoke BBQ had the great pleasure of working with Creative Capture Photography, where Suzanne photographed a few of our dishes. It was a fantastic experience to work with her. Suzanne's eye for detail, her sense of style, fun, humour and professionalism made my work ever so easy. Bulelani Smoke BBQ is looking forward to working with Creative Capture Photography on future projects!"

-Ossie, Bulelani Smoke BBQ

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