Let’s meet!

Let's meet!

I would love to meet you and help you to get the professional imagery you’re looking for!

I always like to meet face-to-face first, before we start your project, I call it an intake meeting. Together we’ll go over what you’re looking for and we can bounce some ideas around on how you would like to see things, and how I can make it happen. The intake meeting wil take about an hour and is for free! All intake meetings take place in Amsterdam. An intake by phone is also a possibility if Amsterdam is too far for you.
If we click and you decide to hire me, we can start the fun! We will choose a day and location and get to work. Lifestyle and portrait shoots usually take 4 hours. A tailored shoot will take between 1,5 and 4 hours depending on your wishes, but longer shoots are possible. Tailored shoots are hard to put in a box! Below you find a clear list about my services and what you can expect.

Movie star!
Portrait photography with a movie-twist. We will work together to make you look like a movie star! After the intake meeting we will pick a day and location. For this type of photography I prefer working outside, so we will be dependent on the weather. This means that an appointment may have to be rescheduled. You can bring as many outfits as you want! Keep in mind that you will have to change clothing outside, I don’t have a movie star trailer for you unfortunately. The best way to go is to have a basic outfit under your clothing! You will receive a predetermined number of photos, depending on your wishes, which you may pick yourself through my online photo proofing. The files will be high quality print ready, so you can have them printed on any desired medium and you can use them on social media of course.

One- or multiple day tailored session, depending on what you’re looking for. We start by having an intake-meeting so we can throw some ideas at the wall and see what sticks, before we start the project. Prices vary, contact me and we will have a cup of coffee, or something else if you don’t like coffee! Leave as much information as possible when you do the inquiry. I.e. number of people, theme etc.

Businesses and artists
All the employees in front of my lens? Or all of you together? Or both? It’s all possible! If you happen to be an entrepreneur without employees, but you want to show the world what it is exactly you do, you’ve come to the right address. After the intake meeting we will work together to make sure you will get high quality imagery to use on business cards, your website and wherever else you need it! Ar you an artist or musician, or in any other branch of creative entrepreneurship? I’d love to help the world to meet you and your work! Leave as much information as possible when you do the inquiry. I.e. number of people, your website, theme etc.

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